New Car Could Fight Drunk-Driving Accidents

New car fights drunk-driving accidentsI just finished reading an article about the new Lincoln MKZ. Apparently the 2013 MKZ uses a system called Lane Keeper that automatically keeps your car from drifting out of your current lane – even around curves in the road. It also features adaptive cruise control that can allow your car to exactly match the speed of the car in front of you.

Think about that for a minute.

We’re talking about an autonomous car—or at least the start of one—with huge implications for today’s drivers. In fact, the author of the article I read, Ezra Dyer, points out that the new Lincoln MKZ will keep you safe if you’ve ever: fallen asleep at the wheel, been distracted by your cell phone or stereo system, or dropped a McNugget between the seats and went fishing for it.

Sadly, my immediate thought was, “Wow, this would really help drunk drivers.” It seems to me that speeding and weaving are the two biggest factors in drunk-driving accidents – that and not paying attention. So the 2013 Lincoln MKZ would do wonders for most inebriated drivers. If you’re not black-out drunk, the 2013 MKZ should provide you enough time to hit the brakes and keep you from side-swiping or rear-ending another vehicle.

Accident averted.

Plus, not speeding and weaving will lessen the chances of you catching the eye of that lurking state trooper and getting a DUI.

You bet I’ll drink to that.

—Ryan Varney


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